The other rule that you need to adhere to is the Groom- Gown rule. God has chosen marriage as a picture to express the relationship between Christ and the Church. Marriage is a picture of the outworking of the gospel in heaven. Let us look at the character qualities of the bride and the groom as we consider your courtship journey. This picture is what I call the groom-gown rule.


I grew up in the era of abstinence and True-Love-Waits campaigns. I was intricately involved in the training that went on throughout the country (I did about five sessions outside the city of Nairobi). These were lovely moments, full of transformation in many young people lives. Back then, we spoke passionately against getting involved in relationships that do not matter for God’s glory.

How Far Is Too Far?

This was potentially the most asked question throughout all the youth camps and youth programs that I attended in my younger years, amusing how I say younger years as I am still quite young. But still today it remains a quite pertinent question amongst young people.

Dating Right

have been involved in relationships without much knowledge or information and sometimes it can get a little confusing; or should I say very confusing? After reading fairytales, all one looks forward to is a happily ever after kind of relationship. But after kicking it off with that special someone, things may not turn out exactly as expected. As a man or woman who is dedicated to the Christian faith, navigating the murky waters of modern dating can be tricky. I am not an expert on this subject but out of experience I want to share with you the tips