Dating Right

Dating relationships can be a fun and exciting part of life. However, many people have been involved in relationships without much knowledge or information and sometimes it can get a little confusing; or should I say very confusing? After reading fairytales, all one looks forward to is a happily ever after kind of relationship. But after kicking it off with that special someone, things may not turn out exactly as expected.

As a man or woman who is dedicated to the Christian faith, navigating the murky waters of modern dating can be tricky. I am not an expert on this subject but out of experience I want to share with you the tips below:

Purpose before Partnership

Walk in you purpose before God reveals who your partner is. God brought Eve to Adam after Adam was doing his assignment that God gave him to do. God saw it was not good for him to be alone and he gave him a helper. Why do you want a helper when you don’t even know what your purpose is? Understand your assignment and be busy doing it and trust that God will bring you a helper.

Date to get married

Does he or she really desire marriage? Communicating intentions is vital to any relationship. Before getting into a relationship, both of you should make your intentions known. If marriage is not on the list, then there might be a serious problem. Dating relationships should lead to marriage, would you marry the person you are dating?

Struggle is inevitable, Misery is optional

Relationships are about happiness, finding peace and joy. A toxic relationship is not what God designed for you. God has not called you to live in misery, a relationship should not weigh you down or leave you drained and hurting. You don’t want to be in a situation whereby you are always crying; but if you find the one that God has called you to then it’s worth all the struggle.

You should have a list of non-negotiables

How do you like your man? ‘Tall, dark & handsome, six pack is an added advantage’. A list that is often ignored is the list of non-negotiables. These are personal principles on which you can’t compromise, things that you can’t put up with. If it’s issues with sex, smoking, drinking etc., make sure they are communicated early enough. What’s on your list of non-negotiables?

Sex complicates things

Sex at the wrong time in a relationship complicates things and it makes it much more damaging. It makes it much harder to walk away from a toxic relationship. Sexual intimacy was intended to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage. When you have sex before marriage, you are enjoying pleasure not intended for you.

Dating right is important for a successful marriage. There is nothing more beautiful like a godly marriage. If you desire one day to be in a marriage that will please God then you have to date right. Whatever God has for you, God holds for you. Don’t stress about relationships, don’t rush into a place God has not called you. Focus on pursuing God and your purpose, at the right time, God will bring that special person your way.



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