About Kuza

Digital discipleship materials for youth.

Kuza is an app that will help you grow in your personal relationship with God on a daily basis through short devotions.

Everything is written by East Africans in an East African context for East African youth. You will find subjects and topics that relate to challenges that you face, and get great biblical answers to face them in a godly way. Kuza karibu Yesu! The devotions cover issues that youth struggle with, such as sexual immorality and addiction. Others are in-depth looks at books of the Bible, such as Daniel and Romans. Some focus on getting to know Christ better, learning about who Jesus was and what he asks of believers. Watch for more devotions coming soon!

Our mission is to develop digital discipleship materials for youth.

Our vision is to create a movement of disciples representing Christ.

Why we developed Kuza

On the teaching side of our ministry, our main goal is to equip churches to reach youth for Christ.

Training pastors in conferences and seminaries has been very successful in creating youth ministries in many churches. As this began to happen, we received feedback from many pastors that they felt they needed help in maintaining their youth ministry’s spiritual growth.

We thought that a smartphone app, along with other digital resources, was the easiest, quickest, and cheapest means of distribution. In response to the need, we developed a team of locals to produce digital content for youth and young adults in an African context. We chose the name “Kuza” because it means “to be nurtured” or “to grow” in Swahili.

Kuza writing team

Kuza’s content development team is made up of youth pastors and youth ministry workers from gospel-preaching churches, who have a heart for helping youth grow spiritually.

Kuza desires to create content that is written in an African context. So much of the youth-focused content comes from the West, but is not entirely relevant for local needs. Kuza desires to change that.

We have a strong passion for seeing youth grow in their salvation, not just on Sunday but through a daily relationship with Christ.


The digital content developed by Kuza is decided on by a group consensus. The Kuza team meets weekly to discuss trends they’re seeing in the church and society, and what they’re learning from God through the Word. Based on those three factors, the Kuza team prayerfully decides what to write and develop.

Whole books & topics

We believe in developing content based on entire books of the Bible and essential topics.

Creating content on whole books of the Bible imparts an understanding that there are no unimportant parts of the Bible. The entire Bible matters, not just pieces and parts.

We are convinced that topically-focused content is also important, because learning to deal with relevant topics in a biblical manner is vital to spiritual wellness, discipleship, and evangelism. No matter what you find in Kuza, our goal is to be as biblical and relevant as possible (in that order!).

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