Sina Time

Time is always moving, whether we want it to or not. We can either waste it or make good use of it. The one thing we cannot do is live unaffected by time as the common phrase “time is money” teaches.

In a bid to effectively utilize time, human beings have come up with programs to preoccupy themselves with every waking day. Consequently, the older one gets the busier they become. The phrase sina time (I don’t have time) is too common a lament. For others, it is a prideful thing to be pressed for time, for then it means they are busy, something that today’s society hails as a good thing.

The Worth of Time

The Bible begins with the words, “In the beginning”, denoting the onset of time (Genesis 1:1). It is in the beginning of time when God made everything, including the very first human beings. Since God existed before time as we know it, he is not bound by time. He is eternal.

But man is different; God has numbered and appointed all the days we will each live here on earth (Job 14:5; Hebrews 9:27). He made the larger light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night (Psalms 136:8-9); a design we can’t change but only submit to. God alone commands the morning and causes the dawn to know its place (Job 38:12).

As created beings, we are to take heed of what God’s word says about time. Moses prayed that God could teach him to number his days, for then alone can anyone get a heart of wisdom (Psalms 90:12). The wisdom in taking account of our days begins with yet another wisdom; humbly asking to be taught to number one’s days.

Time Happens to All 

Each new day we all get a uniform supply of 24 hours at our disposal. There are many things that we’re never uniformly endowed with; time and chance are definitely not among them (Ecclesiastes 9:11). The only difference is how we each spend the time we’ve been allotted, either faithfully in obedience to our Maker or not. We can only live a day at a time for we have no certainty about tomorrow; it is not in our hands (Proverbs 27:1; Psalms 31:5). The best we can do with the future is to entrust it to the One who sovereignly holds it in his hands.

Practical Ways of Spending Time Wisely

Distractions are the greatest enemies of good use of time. Our phones lead the way. Postponing and procrastinating always somehow entice us away from fulfilling commitments we may have planned time for. Remembering that there is a time and a season for everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes 3:1) can be quite helpful at getting us to redeem the time.

While we shouldn’t be lazy, we shouldn’t be anxious either. Our work should reflect a restfulness in the One who authored time. While it is up to us to plan and arrange our schedules, we must hold them loosely, aware that we are not sovereign. Only then can we be free to attend to a friend in need impromptu, miss out on our quiet time once in a while, and even sleep later than usual when circumstances are such that we can do little to control. Holding our God-given time loosely means surrendering to his will and guidance even when we do not feel like it. 

Instead of throwing our hands up in despair and echoing the refrain sina time, we need to trust God for strength and wisdom to well number our days. If we do, we will be keen to live in such a way as to lay up a heavenly treasure of everlasting life with God in the age to come (Luke 12:33-34). 


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