Is it an act of spiritual cowardice or lack of faith while following government and ministry of health guidelines in this COVID-19 season?  I am interacting with many Christians who are ignoring the guidelines given by the ministry of health. We have some churches that have opted to ignore the guidelines and continue with their services as usual. Some of the Christians I am discipling are lamenting why I am not opening church like others in my neighbourhood.  This issue of COVID is a test of our faith in God and an eye-opener of how we perceive God as Christians. 

How do you know God?

Daniel 11:32, which says that those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits, is a favourite of many. Genesis chapter one introduces to us not only the creation but the creator himself. Knowing God is central to Christian belief. Unfortunately, if God could not have revealed himself to us, we could not have known him. Revelation is thus defined to us as the self-disclosure of God. He has revealed himself in the creation and through the Bible. From this revelation, we learn that he is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present, unchangeable, creator etc. Humanity struggles with some questions concerning God that seem beyond their comprehension; for example, the question of why an omnibenevolent God should allow suffering is far beyond the imagination of many. How about an all-powerful God who creates a way in the seas, answers by fire, creates from nothing advising Joseph and Mary to run and hide from Herod until he calls them back? Can God who possesses all the qualities above command his servants to run away and hide from a mere human being? Another disastrous occasion that God advises his children to act in a manner that doesn’t portray him as we would imagine of him is on Mark 13:14 on the abomination of desolation. He advises his people to flee to the mountains and not go back to the house to pick anything. Imagine God advising his people to run in such times of persecution instead of standing out to fight. Could God be telling us the same in this pandemic? Could he be asking us not to act in ignorance or try to act like superheroes? 

Trusting or testing God 

In times of such pandemics, God always hid his people and provided for them. At times even the heroes of faith ran away, and God still dealt with them at their level of belief or disbelief.  Elijah was provided for as he ran away from Jezebel. Taking proper COVID-19 measures of safety is not a sign of disbelief. Ignoring the ministry of health guidelines is being ungodly. It does not violate your faith to wash hands, wear a mask and keep social distance. The Bible commands us to trust God, not to test him. Many of us in this state of ignorance could have fallen for the Devil’s temptation of throwing ourselves down from the highest point of the temple for God to command his angels to hold us (Matthew 4:5-6). Faith is not void of reason. If you only needed faith, then God could not have given you brains to think. God does not suck off our brains when we accept him as our Savior. A believer should think, and a thinker should believe. It is careless to expose those we love to COVID-19 on the grounds of faith. We have seen many pastors and bishops in Kenya succumb to COVID-19. It may not be that they never took care of themselves. You are only valuable for the World and fulfilling God’s plan on earth while alive. The World needs faithful ministers of the gospel beyond COVID-19 who will continue with what our predecessors began.


In conclusion, I urge you to take care not to fall into the Devil’s trap. Guarding ourselves and our families is a great sign of love. It is our duty as Christians to follow government instructions. It is time to be on our knees praying for the World, not debating on whether COVID-19 is there or not. We urge you to do what is within your means and let God protect you where you are not able. We may not guard ourselves against our close friends, but God may protect you from those with COVID-19 coming your way. The Devil’s schemes thrive in our disobedience. Take caution. We love you as KUZA. God bless you.


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