I am tired of repenting

Many young people have given themselves to the demands of sin. We feel trapped and unable to come out. The following is a description of the struggle from a friend I interacted with.

“I have struggled so much in sin. I am wondering whether my life was designed to be that way. I have repented over and over, but now I feel as if God is tired and cannot forgive me because it has become a habit.”

Have you found yourself in such a situation whereby you have tried to overcome certain sins and have even given up on God? One of the greatest temptations is to think that it is your fate, and there is nothing you can do about it. At times some try to cleanse their conscience by saying that we cannot overcome.

Admit you are helpless

No one likes to admit defeat. Our minds rebel at the very thought that we lost control. We are big, strong, intelligent, and capable. How can it be that we are powerless? How can it be that our lives are unmanageable? Admitting that we are helpless and unable to pull ourselves out of any enslavement is the first critical step to experiencing victory. The admission necessitates having another person on board who can walk with us to our freedom.

Need for Greater Power’

It is not easy to overcome your struggles or addictions when at that stage by yourself. You need a greater power to help you rise above that stronghold in your life. The law was insufficient for the Jews in dealing with their nature of sin (Romans 2:17-19). In the same breath, the Gentiles could not uphold moral law written in their hearts (Romans 2:12-16). Therefore, God gave his one and only Son to deal with the nature of sin once and for all. He has further given us a helper who is the Holy Spirit who transforms us from within and empowers us to live a holy life (2Corinthians 3:18).

In addition, God has given us a loving community called the church in which we can share our struggles and be assisted to overcome our challenges (Acts 2:42-47). All the above show God is more than willing to help us overcome our issues. In case you need more privacy and feel secure sharing your issues with those far from you, then KUZA is here to address your issues. All the above work together consistently for your interest. They may not always tell you what you want to hear, just like no real friends would, but they will give you the opportunity and encouragement to grow. Resolve to turn your will and life to the care of God.

Willingness to submit to greater power

It is not easy to submit ourselves to God as we think we are in control while in certain helpless states. Without the willingness to submit, then recovery might be a little bit difficult. Submission is a journey of the daily surrender of my will to God’s will. It ensures that we change our values and uphold that which honours God. We quickly get worn out when we try to fight by our strengths. We are called to rely on God’s enablement to overcome any issue. When the Holy Spirit transforms us, we find ourselves naturally rise above any issue that disturbs us.

God’s love for humanity

1 John 4:10 speaks of the love of God that he expressed to us through giving his one and only Son. He loved us before we loved him. Romans 5:6 says that Christ came at just the right time when we were utterly helpless and died for us sinners. Many young people are in this state of utter helplessness and have struggled on their own to overcome some habitual sins. It is good to appreciate that there is no greater love than one giving his only Son to die on behalf of his enemies. If you are still in sin, feeling so lost and in deep darkness, God’s love is not limited by how far you have drifted from him. Even in that state of helplessness, he still reaches out to you. If you were able to help yourself, then God could not have gone to the extent of giving his own Son.

The standard of God’s love did not change when we became Christians. Is it not the same love extended to us while we were helpless, that God extends to us even in our current struggles? I believe it is never late until you are late. Our inability to repent our sins is not due to God’s inability to forgive us but also our hearts’ hardening.


You don’t have to stay there hoping your problems will solve themselves or think that you will overcome with time while doing nothing. Reach out to get help before things are out of hand. In case things have already fallen apart, reach out to whatever support group accessible to you. God is willing to give you victory once more. Galatians 5:1 says that “For freedom, Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”


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