Integrity is regarded as honesty and consistency in character. A person with integrity is one who is steadfast in strong moral and ethical values. As young people, we can surely say, we have not seen enough men and women of integrity in our society today. What we have seen, however, is hypocrisy and phoniness, people preaching water and drink wine.

If integrity is the glue that holds our society together, how disseminated do you think we are? I believe the society stopped demanding integrity, and as such, this precious commodity is getting more scares by the day. It’s funny that known thieves and drug dealers are the celebrated heroes of our day, and people who cheat in exams are the cool peeps. But think about it, would you trust a doctor who cheated through medical school to treat you? Or would you buy land from a company convicted of conning people?

But why is integrity so important? Issues of life and death depend on the integrity of others. Our beloved county has not made some significant milestones because of the lack of it. Corruption, nepotism, tribalism & cultism are as a result of lack of integrity and greed. The youth lack jobs, roads are not done, public funds are looted, and the education quality continues to deteriorate.

It is up to us as young people to change the narrative. We have seen what’s wrong in our society, and we have the power to change our country for the better. And how do we do that? By deliberately deciding to live a life of integrity. As we observe the International Youth day 2019, let’s put our efforts together and hold each other accountable to integrity.

Integrity is not only moral uprightness but also spiritual uprightness. The first place is to have a spiritual relationship with our maker, drawing our moral values from God’s Character. We all need to decide to hold ourselves to an ethical standard, regardless of the consequences. We can’t say this person has 84% integrity, its either you have it or not. A husband can only be 100% faithful; even 50% devoted is not good enough. Proverbs 11:3 says, “The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.”

I am challenging you to commit to living a life of integrity, please read out aloud the below pledge and ask God to help you live it.

Personal Commitment:

I (your name) commit today, to upholding the highest standards of integrity in my personal life, professional life, and to the society at large. So, help me, God!


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