Lets Study Together- He is the Only True God

We at Kuza want to help you grow closer to the Lord through your personal time in scripture. We hope to lead you as you study the scriptures that is why we’re creating these blogs called “Lets Study Together.” We plan to make it an ongoing thing. After you’re done studying we would love to hear what you’ve learned. Please communicate to us through one of our social media handles or via our email address below.

He is the Only True God

We are living in a world whereby people have many objects of worship. We at times have given other things the place that only God deserves in our lives. God is no longer at the center of our lives. Below devotional guide will help you to give God his rightful place in your life.

  • Read the first two commandments in Exodus 20:3-6. Then write them in your own words.

  • What difference do you find in Jeremiah 10:1-16 between Idols and God Himself?

    • IDOLS:

      • Vs. 5

      • Vs. 11

      • Vs. 14

      • Vs. 15


      • Vs. 6

      • Vs. 10

      • Vs. 12

  • Moses described God in Deut 32

    • What does verse 4 say about God?

    • What things did the Israelites do that offended God so much? (verse 16-18)

    • How did God respond to their unfaithfulness? (verse 16, 19-20)

  • Discussion: what types of Idols do people set for themselves and how can we avoid setting anything above God.

Please send us your responses to these questions above. We would love to hear what you’ve learned and how this has impacted you…



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