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Jesus warned about the wolves in sheepskins. They are those that seem to be doing well, but in reality are not doing well at all. They are those that seem to be humble and wonderful people, but in reality they are devourers. This lifestyle did not start by mistake. No! It started when they learned the habit of compartmentalizing their lives. Basically the wolves in sheep clothing become someone in situation 1 and someone completely different in situation 2. This, the scriptures call hypocrisy!

Many times we can be hypocrites like the wolves in sheepskins. We behave so well at the Christian Union meeting, but afterwards we’re caught in a scandal at school or university. Or during secondary school we make sure that we behave really well right before the KCSE exam. During this time, we pray fervently, and ask Christ into our lives multiple times over. However, right before the KCSE season and after the KCSE we start misbehaving. We can all be hypocrites. For me to love or act like I love God because I want something from is hypocritical.

Another example of hypocrisy is whenever you “thank God” because you were not caught in a compromising situation, or when that girl never got pregnant. These are signs of hypocrisy and that you want to create a god for yourself who is not the God of scripture.

The Potter & The Clay

When God saves a person they do not remain the same. In other words hypocrisy should decrease in your life more and more! That’s because salvation brings change which the Holy Spirit works in our lives. Salvation brings a transformation of mind, attitudes, and perspectives. It’s not you creating a god of your own (hypocrisy), it’s God creating someone of his own. So, “who is the potter and who is the clay?”

Are you being changed by God? If I cannot fit in to what he has ordained then I don’t know God, and my way will lead to destruction (Proverbs 14:12). So how do you view God? If you consider him your potter, then you will understand that your life is not yours but His! If you have this continual mentality then God will use you to show others His greatness. He will mold you as his clay to be a great example of his love and mercy. You will not struggle with hypocrisy, because the potter is shaping you.

God is the potter and you are the clay. You are better off resting in his mould that he has for you than trying to transform into the latest and greatest thing. Let Him mold you into what He wants you to be as opposed to following this generations popular norms. Let him be the potter!

The Root

The root of making a false god to suit what you think is best has been contributed by a lack of Biblical knowledge of who God really is. We as Christian youth generally are known for quoting pastors more than we quote the scripture. We can quote and recite a thousand plus words from songs by Christian artist and even secular artist, but where are we with the scripture? One of our remedies as a ministry that we suggest to help us understand God better is the Kuza app. Please consider downloading it today.

Grace and peace.



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