Religious Fanaticism in Kenya

There has been significant abuse of religious freedom in our country, Kenya. Currently, we are battling with the sickening issue of Shakahola. Paul Mackenzie, now captured, brainwashed so many people with a false version of Christianity, leading to their death. The followers believed that fasting to death would unite them with their maker. Due to the brainwashing, Paul Mckenzie’s church members could not question why the pastor and his family were not fasting. Additionally, the congregants rejected any assistance and preferred to continue with the bizarre practices. Sadly, this is the case with many people around the country, especially those with undying allegiance to the so-called ‘men of God’. Let us look at some issues that may be wreaking havoc in our churches today.


Soma – James 4:4-6 – Spiritual Adultery
How To React When a Christian Friend Falls into Sin
Soma – Hebrews 3:12-14- Call to Individual and Corporate Faithfulness
Should I Cast Out the Spirit of Premature Death?
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