Authority of Self.

Modern secular culture, defined in a simple phrase, would be the “authority of self.” Authority of self in that I do what feels best and makes me the happiest. We hear phrases beating this mantra, saying, “do what makes you happy.” We also hear people saying “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) and other phrases such as “self-love.” These popular phrases are just repeating the authority of self-belief systems. Authority of self seeks to make you believe that nothing or no one is more important than yourself. It seeks to shift all your attention to who you are; based on that, you have all the power within to do all you want to do if only you can look deep down within. It is a push towards self-worship and elevation of pride that “you are self-made, self-direct, self-determine.”.

This podcast, “Authority of Self”, is not an original idea to Kuza. These thoughts are adapted from Natasha Crain’s book “Faithfully Different. (


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