False Guilt

My friend Muthoni was very faithful in taking care of her grandma. She was so committed to it that she rarely took time to herself. She would run to shops and chemist constantly for her grandmother. Frequently, she arranged details for her to get to the hospital or go to another doctor’s appointment. Muthoni’s bedroom … Read more


Temptations of various kinds do come our ways frequently. Alluring, seductive, and glamorous, they come very well packaged such that it is very hard to ignore and reject whatever kind of temptation you face. Rarely does a temptation look dangerous and wicked, but wait till you fall and suffer the consequences that your eyes become open. Ravenous wolves in sheep skin they are. Taking a fish’s perspective for example, a fish does not know its destiny as it gets to bite the bait which has a worm. The bait looks good and harmless and it is so enticing until the damage is done. Often times we do the same.

The Ice Rink

Only recently our church had a teens’ week where it was dedicated to teaching the youth on the pertinent issues that affect them in today’s age. On one particular afternoon we went as a group to ice skate as a fun afternoon activity. I will be the first to admit that I was not very confident as skating, quite simply put, is not my forte. However, this was going to prove to be a lot of fun and I did not want to let my fear be the cause of missing out. This turned out to be one of the most spiritually enriching events of my year so far, let alone my week. For me, the ice rink represented the life of a Christian. Jesus himself told us that we are in a world where trouble will never be too far away as we are in a quite unforgiving world, just as the brutal, cold ice is unforgiving. As Christians, at times we really struggle, most of the time holding on to the guard rail, living a life far from the abundant life Christ came to give us(John 10:10). We lack the brevity to take a leap of faith, and trust that Jesus has us covered even in unforgiving conditions. We look at those who seem to be doing well in life (the experienced skaters) with envy and wish we could make that of our lives as well.

Giving Up Is Not An Option!

Imagine a lion chasing a gazelle. The gazelle can either chose to fight for its life or give up running and surrender to the lion. From the above scripture, we will give a four reasons why you should not and never give up no matter the challenges you could be encountering.

You Must Cleave

“Leaving & Cleaving” are interesting terms we find in the Bible which have the idea of leaving something you’re used to and holding onto someone you love and uniting with them. The words to leave and cleave are used most commonly in sermons on marriage. However, there are other places in the Bible which have this concept of leaving and cleaving (John 15:4). For example leaving the world and cleaving to Jesus. You cannot leave the dark kingdom and then remain on neutral ground. The only way to conquer the dark kingdom and its influences in our lives is by cleaving to Jesus.

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