The Ice Rink

Only recently our church had a teens’ week where it was dedicated to teaching the youth on the pertinent issues that affect them in today’s age. On one particular afternoon we went as a group to ice skate as a fun afternoon activity. I will be the first to admit that I was not very confident as skating, quite simply put, is not my forte. However, this was going to prove to be a lot of fun and I did not want to let my fear be the cause of missing out. This turned out to be one of the most spiritually enriching events of my year so far, let alone my week. For me, the ice rink represented the life of a Christian. Jesus himself told us that we are in a world where trouble will never be too far away as we are in a quite unforgiving world, just as the brutal, cold ice is unforgiving. As Christians, at times we really struggle, most of the time holding on to the guard rail, living a life far from the abundant life Christ came to give us(John 10:10). We lack the brevity to take a leap of faith, and trust that Jesus has us covered even in unforgiving conditions. We look at those who seem to be doing well in life (the experienced skaters) with envy and wish we could make that of our lives as well.

A Letter From God

Dear Child,

You are constantly on the move, surrounded by people and involved in activities. How can I have a word with you? There is truth I want to show you, amazing things I want to share, but you’ll never hear my voice unless you are willing to slow down and listen, to open the Bible and read. For three years, the disciples spent each day alone with my Son, Jesus…

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