Papers Verses Purpose

Where did you study? What course did you pursue? Was it a private section or HELB led study? Did you, or are you loving what you are studying? Have you gone to satisfy other people’s egos, or are you pursuing what you enjoy? Why are you in this academic race? Is for papers or Purpose? Recently in one of our news stations, a documentary was run featuring students who, after pursuing prestigious degrees, ended up dumping them for what they loved most. I am sure their parents have a story to tell if they have not already exterminated their own. When I was growing up, there was a song that said ‘Someni vijana; muongezee pia bidii; mwisho mwa kusoma; mutapata Kazi nzuri sana.

A Gospel Centered Perspective On Academics – Part 2

In our previous conversation, we set the foundation of our discussion on the most pivotal factor, Jesus Christ. With the rise of learning and academics, it is easy to lose sight of the things that matter most. Many people are swallowed up in the thinking that all we have here on earth is all we will ever get. That thinking has caused people to live only for what pleases their minds and hearts and egos.