Sovereignty of God

One of the challenging concepts that all humans have struggled with from the Old Testament to our days is the Sovereignty of God, especially when things are so tight. Injustice, thriving of the wicked and oppression of the good. Many killings in our world that many people get away with and yet God sees and cares about humanity. These are conflicting thoughts that have led to others giving up on faith. Some of us have prayed for people we loved, but they still ended up dying in hospital, and that acted as a reason that God does not exist. The silence of God, especially during these days of COVID19, might be another reason for others to quit faith and even think that God does not answer prayers and does not exist.

Unless the Lord…It’s All in Vain

Do not make the mistake of leaving God out of your life. He is the vine, and we are the branches, apart from him we can do nothing. He is the creator of all the universe and controls everything that happens in it. He gives everyone life and breath and everything else. In other words, whatever you embark on without committing to the Lord, it is just another effort in futility. God gives us the wisdom, strength and ability and everything else we need in this life to achieve our purpose and dreams.

Walk Out, Walk In

Walk out of the bitterness caused by the very people who are supposed to be your defenders and protectors and providers and walk in to the plan that God had in mind when he allowed those people to do whatever it is they did. Walk out of the pain caused by a vile offense against your body by some stranger somewhere under unknown circumstances and walk in to the healing that Christ offers by His Spirit. Walk out of the hopelessness of not going to college or having some papers and walk in to the reality that He has ordained that not all physical success should be pegged on certificates but on the chances and opportunities He offers to all men. Walk out of the mentalities sold to us by the order of the this world in matters of sex and purity, marriage, and single hood and walk in to the God glorifying truths enjoying single hood and loving our spouses in a more God exalting way.

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