She Aborted My Baby

What a pity! I never got a chance to hold her in my arms. How do I know it was a girl? Well, I don’t. But I always envisioned my first child being a girl. Oh, the endearing charm of holding a newborn baby!  There are no words to describe my disappointment every time I remember her life was ended by the one charged with the task of protecting her in the most vulnerable state.

We were both in high school, naïve and young when we first met, but we knew the consequences of having a sexual relationship. Our first sexual encounter happened on the first date, and it went on for years on every date. Neither of us ever really gave the thought to the possibility of pregnancy as an outcome. “Flee from sexual immorality” (1 Corinthians 6:18) was just another famous verse that motivational speakers, teachers and preachers used to throw at us back in High school. It meant so little to us. As I reminisce about this sinful past, I must admit that it was the sex that kept the relationship going. We didn’t love each other as we might have thought. After a little while, we drifted apart. We stayed weeks without talking. As far as I was concerned, our relationship was over.

I received a call from her that left me worked up for days. She desperately needed financial help to cover her medical expenses. A doctor had given her a dire warning that if she doesn’t undergo a surgical procedure immediately, she might die. She then went on to explain what had transpired. Just prior to our ‘breaking up,’ she discovered her pregnancy but chose to conceal the news from me. Initially, I thought it was some bad joke because she was continually using Depo Provera injection as a method of contraceptive.

This contraceptive was claimed to be highly effective since it works by prompting the female hormone that inhibiting the release of the Ovum for three months. She never delayed going for these injections. That’s the extent we were willing to go for the sake of satisfying our fleshy desires. Mind you, this method had numerous risks and especially to a young lady like her. We didn’t know because the doctors did not provide the information. I could hardly believe it, but her tone became so convincing.  It remains as the most nerve-racking experience ever.

Try to get away with murder.

I began to reflect on how to break this news to my family, the shame and disappointment that will result from this. There was no other way! So I enquired further why the surgical operation was necessary. You know, maybe she had developed some complications since she was pretty young and not ready to carry through a pregnancy successfully, or perhaps it’s another unrelated complication. I had a lot of questions and speculations running through my head. She hesitated a bit, and then casually told me that she got rid of it!

Just like that! She was so free and easy as if we’re talking about some lightweight matters. Afterwards, she developed some complications, and her body was in pain. Allow me to expound a bit. She had taken the abortion pill, which works by inhibiting the production of progesterone, also referred to as a pregnancy hormone. Progesterone is crucial in helping the implantation of the fertilized egg and helps the baby to grow. The pill prevents its production, and the baby stops growing. Another tablet is then administered that finishes the job. It causes muscle cramps and bleeding to clear the uterus, removing the dead baby. This method can only be used up to 11 weeks of pregnancy. But hers was already 12 weeks. The baby must have been grown and developed body parts because somebody parts remained in the womb causing the complications and endangering her life in the process. The attempt to get away with this murder wasn’t going to be easy.

How I became Pro-life
I ended that phone call in anguish. She had just killed a human being, and I was part of it. It is noteworthy to let you know that at this time I didn’t know anything about pro-life. I didn’t know that the unborn baby’s genetic code differs from his mother’s, and even has her/his own heartbeat and that the unborn is not part of a mother’s body, meaning they are two distinct people.  It is so ridiculous for a person to flaunt “my body my choice” slogan because it is not only her body but that of another person as too.

There is substantial scientific evidence to support this, but I wouldn’t head that way today. How did I know that murder is wrong even without all this knowledge? It’s simple; God has given us a conscience, non-believers have a conscience that bears witness against their thoughts and actions (Romans 2:15.) A conscience is that inner rational ability that bears witness to our value system.

Should men have a say on matters abortion? Absolutely! I mean, they were involved in the making of the baby, and it has his DNA. Men must stand against the slaughtering of babies in the womb. I feel so awful whenever I recall all these. I’ve battled this trauma for so long. I was ready to take care of the child or give him/her out for adoption.

Regrettably, I never had that chance. The lady developed lifelong complications after the surgical procedures. Senator Susan Kihika’s bill prompted me to write this. The bill attempts to lower the age of consent to 16, normalizing underage sex and legalize abortion. The very things that left permanent scars in my life and the lady involved.

I’ve shared this story to ensure you don’t go down the same road. Pursue sexual purity. 1 Thessalonians 4:3 was one of those verses that played a central role in my restoration.  The verse calls for us to be pure: “For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you knows how to control his own body in holiness and honour.”

David reveals to us that life begins at conception and God views the unborn as a distinct human being. We read in Psalm 51:5, “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.” Therefore, abortion is murder and an abomination in the eyes of God. In case you have already fallen into the traps of abortion and fornication, know that there is hope. God forgives and renews. Reach out to us at New Beginnings Crisis Pregnancy Center for help. We have a big team of men and women who are ready to pray and walk with you.


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