I’ll be back

In 1984 Terminator a fictional science movie was released. A film that would turn out to be so epic that the producers created a series of the movie. Terminator the star of the movie- Arnold Schwarzenegger. The terminator is an alien from the future and his mission was to terminate one lady Sarah Conor for she would give birth to a son who would invent a technology that would save the human race. My favourite scene and I hope that is to many, is when Sarah Conor runs for refuge at a police station, and the terminator, in pursuit, comes to the station. There he asked for her at the counter. The police officer who is busy entering the occurrence booking and working on criminal documents answers the terminator with indifference “you will see her in a minute. If you want to take a seat and wait for her.” The terminator looks around somewhat examining the strength of the walls and the booking counter and replay to the officer with his famous line “I’ll be back!”. The terminator goes out, takes a vehicle and drives through the walls of the police station and the counter. He then starts to rain havoc at that station. He was shooting and killing everyone, and no bullet could kill him. He is an alien terminator.

Trouble in Eden- Trouble for us

Enough with the movie, in real life, during the second-word war in 1941, the Imperial Japanese troops took over the Philippines and forced the American forces out. General Douglas MacArthur was so bitter but wrote on pamphlets and posters the statement “I shall return”. Three years later, he came back fulfilling his promise and took back the Philippines, marking the end of the war there.

In all these stories, all started well. For the terminator Sarah Conor was living a normal happy life, before the world war, the people in the Philippines we enjoying their lives. 

The most horrible thing that has ever happened to the entire Universe was in the garden of Eden. God had a perfect environment for man and every other created thing. Plants were watered from the ground animals would eat all all they wanted and were healthy. Everything was at the disposal of man. All was blissful, and God looked at everything and said it was very good (Genesis 1:31).

However, the devil came and took over the serpent the craftiest of all of the beasts in the field that God had created. Through it, He lied by twisting God’s words to Eve, who was with her husband all along (Genesis 3:1-7). Now man sinned against God and by doing so Adam and Eve spilled ugly drop of waste paint on a well-done work of art of the entire creation done by God. Now the creation is crying in deep pains (Romans 8:19-23), all humanity is now under a curse-dead, and we are all children of disobedience deserving the wrath of God(Ephesians 2:1-3). Man, now is not in communion with the spirit of God, thus an enemy of God (Romans 8:7).

The solution in Eden- The solution for us

After the devil managed to dupe Adam and Eve, leaving them in a messy situation, God came through for them. He slaughtered an animal and clothed their nakedness. Today, God, full of mercy did send his son to live with us and teach us more about God and his kingdom so that we may believe that he is the only one who can mediate between man and God (1Timothy 2:5). Yet some of us still deny him, hated him and with sinful hands betrayed and crucified him. No one died like Jesus died (Acts 2:22-24). Not merely because of the cruelty, or the unjust system, but he died because of his uniqueness as God-man. Imagine God himself suffered in the hands of things he created-men for your sins so that you may not suffer in the hands of God, the father for the sins you’ve committed. This was a defeat, they thought. 

The Messiah, the superman the world was waiting for led to the slaughter like a weak lamb (Isaiah 53:7). Pitch darkness at midday that lasted for three hours fell on the entire Universe, darkness that some of us will never see (Mark 15:33). For three hours, the son of God was facing the wrath of God for my sins (Isaiah 53:10). Hanging on a tree like a cursed man, nailed to wood like a deserter, dripping blood like a lump of hung meat in a butcher, he breathed his last and said “it is finished” (John 19:30).

Christ rose on the third day from the dead. No one has ever risen from the dead by their powers but Christ. The hope that we all will rise from the dead and be with him. But before he left the earth, he stayed here for forty days (Acts 1:3), and more so he appeared to more than five hundred people at the same time (1 Corinthians 15:6). His resurrection was the final most outstanding proof of all he taught and claimed to be.

Jesus came to earth to fulfil the will of his father (John 4:34). The will of God is to save man (Ephesians 1:11) from the bitter cup of the wrath of God (Romans 5:9) that all man rightly deserves for we are all sinners (Romans 3:23). He came and appeared to be very weak and timid. When he was ascending to heaven, he made a promise that he will be back (Revelations 22:20). 

When he comes, he will come to do the will of his father which is to take all that belongs to him (John 14:3;1 John 2:28). And two, terminate all who are not his by judging and sentencing them to eternal fire. Now the lamb will be a furious lion devouring all his enemies (Revelation 14:10).


Arnold and General MacArthur came back, yes, they fought and won. But theirs was and is nothing compared to what Jesus will do to all who do not believe in him. He will destroy them as he did the children of Israel who didn’t believe in him. Jesus will put them in the eternal chain as he did with the angels who left their position of authority. Jesus himself will punish you if you do not believe in him and indulge in sexual immorality and all you do is perusing unnatural desires as he did Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities (Jude 5-7).

Believe in Jesus for his words so that you may not fall in the hands of an angry God. He is a consuming fire. If the demons believe his existence and power that they shudder- tremble to the bone (James 2:19) how about you oh mere man? Now you still have a chance to receive the saving grace of God if you can only believe in Christ. Would you want when Christ comes back to be among the sheep-his chosen people or the goats? Christ is calling you now to choose life in him.

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