Abortion- A Real Life Story


Working at a Crisis Pregnancy Center allows one to see the brokenness that comes with the consequences of the bad choices we make in life. Yesterday I got to listen and counsel a girl who contacted us through our Facebook Page. Here is her message; ‘I am four months pregnant, my baby daddy told me to abort, and I didn’t want to, so he dumped me and we no longer talk. My parents have disowned me so I’m living alone and I’ve got no job. I barely get something to eat; I just feel suicide seems to be the best option. How can you help me?‘ I called her to the office so that I can see how to help her.

Hers is an example of many girls who are going through a crisis pregnancy (a pregnancy that is unplanned and has caused a crisis in their lives). As I spoke with the lady, I couldn’t stop thinking about how many times we make choices and not think of the consequences of what we are doing. One doesn’t just get pregnant out of nowhere unless it’s a rape case which a person has no control whatsoever. 

But the small choice of having a relationship with someone they don’t know very well, having sex outside the confines of marriage, with no commitment to hold them together never seemed to be an issue. I always tell girls that pregnancy is a consequence of having sex, whether in marriage or outside of marriage, that’s one of the reasons God created sex. So, when a girl comes to us in such a state, I want her to look back to where it all started, hoping that this journey will help to inform her future decisions.

Procedures of Abortion

I thank God that this lady did not think of aborting her child even with all the outside pressures she was and is still facing; the father of the child left, the parents have chased away from her home, she has to live alone with no food and no work. All these seem like ‘good’ reasons to think of abortion. What about many ladies who actually are thinking of abortion as a way out? What happens to her when she comes to our office?

One of the questions we usually ask as a lady is filling the intake form is whether she knows some of the abortions procedures that the abortion centres use? Of course, almost every lady knows most of the statements used to sell abortion. It is what the world is pushing right now, ‘The Right to choose’-the choice to decide to kill your baby without thinking of their life. But do you know the procedures that they use?

I would recommend you to watch the movie ‘Unplanned’. As the movie starts, it shows a vacuum aspiration abortion. As the doctor is inserting the suction tube, the baby is trying to run away from the tube containing medication to kill him before they are sucked out of the womb. All this is watched from an ultrasound machine screen. This is just the saddest thing I have ever watched. We get to see a child fighting for his life inside the womb, which should never be the case. We, as mothers, are to protect the life of our children, what we always call the maternal instincts. 

Science has proven that at 21 days, a child’s heart starts to beat, by eight weeks they have everything that a fully-grown human has, including the fingerprints which are unique to every human being. The only difference between them and us is the size of the body. A very recent study has shown that a child can feel pain from 12 weeks in the womb. This gets me to think of abortion from the child’s point of view how they fight for their lives before they are ripped apart inside the womb of the same person who is supposed to protect them from harm. 

My Story

Having been in this kind of crisis, I understand so much how the option of abortion can be easy to make when you are in an unplanned pregnancy. Deep in my mind, I always have to confront the fact that I have four children despite having just one living child, 3 of them died because of my’ Right to choose’. I have had three abortions. None of the reasons I had at the time of my decisions to abort will ever be enough reason to decide to kill them through abortion. I sacrificed my children in the altar of convenience; just for me to be able to finish campus, just so my youth is not cut short so that I don’t raise a child alone.

All these would be avoided if I had made the right decisions way before I got pregnant. Abortion does not stop you from being a mother; you are a mother of a dead child like any other mother who loses their child. If only I had taken the Bible seriously when it says sex out of marriage is a sin (1 Corinthians 7:1-2; 1 Corinthians 7:8-9; Hebrews 13:4; Genesis 2:24-25; Ephesians 5:31), I wouldn’t get in the pit of sin as I did. You see, now I understand that when God gives us a rule, it is to protect us from the harm and pain of the consequence of going against the His word (2 Timothy 3:16-17; Jeremiah 29:11). But this is too late for me, and I lost my three children to these bad decisions. But it’s not too late also. It is time to pause and think about the choices you are about to make right now, thinking of the consequence of each decision you want to make.

What happens to the girl who is facing a crisis pregnancy? There is hope. Christ gives us a new beginning in life (2 Corinthians 4:16-18; 2 Corinthians 5:17; 1 Peter 1:3-6). I was faced with four crisis pregnancies, had three abortions and chose life for one, a very handsome little boy. He has brought me so much joy compared to the pain I feel when I think of my three abortions. Having a child does not stop you from achieving your dream, you might be delayed, but you still will be able to achieve your goal.

If keeping your child is hard for you, then the option of adoption is still giving life to your child. God is providing a family with the gift of a child they have been longing to have through you. I must say it is the hardest decision to make as a mother and it’s a decision one has to think through before making.

I thank God because no one is too sinful for salvation (Romans 10:13). He has saved me and redeemed me for His good and glory (Colossians 1:13-14). It is no longer I who lives but Christ lives in me (Galatians 2:20). I am so glad to be serving in His kingdom.

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