I Feel Like Taking My Life

Common Suicidal Thoughts

  • Life has become too stressful. 

  • I have been through so much in my life. 

  • Since I was young, life has been challenging. 

  • My parents are addicts and recently separated. 

  • I have young siblings looking up to me because my parents seem to careless, and all burden is left on me. 

  • I feel so stressed out. 

  • I recently lost my job. 

  • I don’t know how I will complete my education. 

  • Nothing seems to work in my life; most of my friends have deserted me when I needed them the most. 

  • Even in a crowd, am feeling lonely, and no one seems to care. 

  • I need a shoulder to lean and cry on. My relatives care less. 

  • They called us names and say we are a burden to society. 

  • I have lost all the energy to fight. 

  • Taking my own life seems to be the only permanent solution to my issues. At least in the grave, I would not see what I am seeing, hear anything, feel what I feel within me, and no bills there. 

  • Is there a solution to my issues? If any, please help.

Associations with Suicide

There is a lot of emotional and behavioural changes associated with suicide.  There is overwhelming pain that exceeds one’s pain coping capacities.  A state of hopelessness that things will never get better. A feeling of powerlessness that resources for reducing pain are no longer available. Feeling worthless, shame, guilt, self-hatred, anxious, declining performance in school or work, social isolation, self-starvation, dietary mismanagement etc. You could be feeling or going through one or most of the above issues. You feel overwhelmed and don’t have any solution.  

2Kings 7:3-4 contains several lessons we can draw in handling difficult situations that may lead to death. It is the story of the four lepers in the Bible. Israel was under siege by the Syrian army. It happened that they ate all the food they had inside the city of Samaria such that some began to eat even their children. The situation was so bad that even believing a prophecy from God was an issue to some who heard what Elisha said. In the story, we have four lepers who stayed outside the city gate; they used to be fed by well-wishers and their relatives within the city. This time there was no one to help them out. They discussed by themselves and asked a fundamental question, why stay here until we die? 

Do you feel that taking your life as the way out to your issues? Here are a few lessons you can draw from the above story:


The four lepers issue that needed addressing was that they were about to die. They had no food, no one to feed them since everyone was going through a difficult moment. In this part, it is good to note that you are not the first, and neither are you the last to face difficult moments in life. Others have lost their loved once; some have traumatising experiences and could also be contemplating suicide. It was not only the four lepers being faced by death, and for sure, there is nothing new in life and no problematic situation that is without a solution. 


After asking a fundamental question about the situation facing them, the four lepers explored the options they had. This options included staying there, getting back into the city, and moving on to their enemies camp. Ask yourself with the help of a pastor, a counsellor, or a close concerned friend the options you have about what you are facing. Staying isolated will only heighten the issue and emotional as well as psychological torture. Purpose of coming out of the closet and reach out. One way for you to get help is to visit the free counselling centre at CITAM Valley Road in Nairobi. Or text us through our Facebook messenger link on our home page. 


The four lepers did not only put down the options but also looked at the consequences of their choices in line with what they were trying to escape. If they continued to stay there, they could have died, if they went back into the city, death faced them, going to their enemies camp, at least there were some signs of hope as much as it was not assured fully. Along with the person walking with you, look at the consequences of your choices.


Not all times you will be faced with better answers in all your situation, some of you will have to risk. The four lepers risked their lives, but after all, they had nothing to lose because all other choices had the same consequence. In such cases, it calls for faith in God to make such decisions. Taking your own life as much as it is a choice, it should never appear in your options. Most people have tried so many things, including drugs and taking their own lives. Allowing God to rule their lives is not seen as an option. I want to suggest this option as one that you must make, and it will help you learn from God’s word what he says about your situation and be ready to accept his will for your life. If you have not given your life to Christ, consider doing that as guided in our website.  Click the “Receive Christ” button on our homepage https://kuzaapp.com


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