1 Corinthians 6:18
Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.
The other challenge we have been experiencing in our relationships is matters of sexual purity. A friend of mine once made fun saying that if two virgins marry in our generation, then it will be on NEWS headlines; whether national or international NEWS am not sure. Our generation does not fear God nor Sexually Transmitted Infections. The only fear we have is becoming pregnant and hence correct that if you want to become a quick millionaire in this generation sell contraceptives to young people.

Psychologists say that sex is the number two greatest need of a man after respect. One of my close friends, who happens to be a counselor and a psychologist said that men are not sober before they have sex with you, and after sex ladies lose their sobriety and men become normal. A man will do anything to have sex with a lady. A lady, on the other hand, will fight to keep the man who slept with her regardless. In this regard, I advise ladies to be the head in matters of sexual purity until the man pays the price for you and officially marries you.

There is no difference between a prostitute and someone who has sex with everyone they date. You eventually feel empty and worthless as a result. In case this is your story, it is not late until you are late. You can resolve to fight for sexual purity from this time onwards. God’s grace is enough to help you back on your feet. There is no sin too big, that the grace of God cannot cleanse. You can purpose to honor God from now on. Don’t lower your zip or part your legs for anyone. Fight to restore your dignity. You are not a dumping pit where people throw anything they wish, you are unique, and your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

There is no contraceptive for the heart. In this, if you love someone for sure, there will be no time to go around looking for something to make you SURE. Love is stronger than you. Joshua Harris, in his book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, compares dating relationships to a trolley in a supermarket. You try to push it forward, but it always takes its direction. Love is the same; you think you are in control until you discover that it is more powerful than you. Again, the matter of keeping a clean conscience before God and men are important. There is a stage we all reach and realize that your life is not your own. The community has a big say in your life, just like God and the government. If today you are diagnosed with any significant sickness, the entire community is invited to lend a hand because you are part of it. Stop being selfish and consider the community around you, whose children see you as a role model and mentor. Make a decision that will even give you authority to counsel your children against illicit sex.

I was raised by a single mother when I was young. The need for a father figure was real to me when I was in class seven. I have been privileged to speak to primary school pupils as a school chaplain. Young girls and boys raised by single mothers were so bitter, and most of them confronted me when I introduced God as a father to them in one of my preachings. They opened up later in tears while in my counseling room about how bad they felt hearing other children speak about their fathers, and they had none. Their parents have tried to silence them with harsh words, but they cannot silence the inner cry of the need for a father. A few ladies have confessed to me that they only want a child and not interested in marriage. Consider what exposure your selfish act will bring to your child. The dilemma is whether you are willing to sacrifice your salvation on the altar of temporary pleasure.

In conclusion, we have a decision to make concerning sexual purity. Are we the ones who set the moral standard for our lives, or is it, God? You can choose today to let Jehovah be your God and guide your ethical decision with his word, or you become your own God to determine what is right or wrong? The only problem you will face is that in the end, you will not be the judge; we shall all stand before God as a judge. Resolve today to let God’s words guide you, and you shall enjoy the fruits of the land.



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