Lets Study Together- Jesus’ Death & Resurrection

We at Kuza want to help you grow closer to the Lord through your personal time in scripture. We hope to lead you as you study the scriptures that is why we’re creating these blogs called “Lets Study Together.” After you’re done studying we would love to hear what you’ve learned. Please communicate to us through one of our social media handles or via our email address below.


Let us learn together what the death and resurrection of Jesus means to us.

  • Why did Jesus come according to Mark 10:45

  • In 1st Timothy 2:5, Jesus is described as the mediator between God and man. What does a mediator do and why do you think we need a mediator between God and us?

  • In 1st Timothy 2:6, Jesus has been described as a ransom for all men. What is the purpose of a ransom? How was Jesus a ransom for us?

  • What did Jesus predict will happen to him in Matthew 16:21?

  • What facts do you learn from Jesus death in the following verses? Matthew 27:35;38;62-66

  • What facts do we find in Matthew 28:1-7 and 11-15 about Jesus’ resurrection?

  • Jesus appeared to his Disciples after resurrection. What was their first response in Luke 24:36-38? What things did Jesus do to show them he was not a ghost Luke 24:39-43

  • What assurance of our faith do we get from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Please send us your responses to these questions above. We would love to hear what you’ve learned and how this has impacted you…



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