Lets Study Together- I Need Help

We at Kuza want to help you grow closer to the Lord through your personal time in scripture. We hope to lead you as you study the scriptures that is why we’re creating these blogs called “Lets Study Together.” After you’re done studying we would love to hear what you’ve learned. Please communicate to us through one of our social media handles or via our email address below.

Unless something is done to help us out then we are doomed to hell. After understanding the nature of man and the major problem we are having, it is good to check out solution too. It will be very unfair for God to sit there and wait for us on the other side of judgement due to sin without showing us a way out.

  • After Paul realizing his sinful nature what is his reaction in Romans 7:24?

  • What does he thank God for in Romans 7:25?

  • Apart from Jesus Christ is there another way out? Hebrews 10:26.

  • According to 1John 5:9-11; what Testimony does God give about his Son.

  • Looking at the punctuation marks of 1John 5:11. What do they imply to those who reject Christ? Is there another way to find eternal life.

  • What does the Bible say about those who are in Christ Jesus?

    • Romans 8:1

    • 1John 5:18-20

    • Romans 3:23-24

  • If you think you need help that only God can offer in relation to your sinful life. Make this prayer with me


Dear God, I have learnt from your word that am a sinner and separated from you. I have realized that my good deeds cannot save me. I am helpless and know that you cannot reject anyone who comes to you for help. Please forgive all my sins and accept me as your child. Thanks for sending Jesus Christ to take away my sins. From today, I will live for you. In Jesus Name am born again. Amen.

Please send us your responses to these questions above. We would love to hear what you’ve learned and how this has impacted you…



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