Lets Study Together- What is Man Like?

We at Kuza want to help you grow closer to the Lord through your personal time in scripture. We hope to lead you as you study the scriptures that is why we’re creating these blogs called “Lets Study Together.” We plan to make it an ongoing thing. After you’re done studying we would love to hear what you’ve learned. Please communicate to us through one of our social media handles or via our email address below.


Memorize: Isaiah 59:2

Many people wonder, “Who am I? What is my purpose? Can I find meaning in this life?” The Bible provides answers to these questions as it reveals the true value, nature and destiny of people. As God’s creation we need to have a right perspective of ourselves in line with God’s word. He created you and knows you better than you even know yourself.


  • What does the Bible teach about your value to God and his care for you?

    • Isaiah 43:4

    • Matthew 10:29-31

  • Why did God make man?

    • Acts 17:26-27

    • Isaiah 43:7

  • According to Matthew 22:35-40, what does God say about your highest duty in life?

    • From God’s view, what then are the greatest wrongs?

  • Why are men separated from God?

    • Isaiah 59:2

    • Colossians 1:21

    • What have men lost as a result of this separation? Ephesians 2:12

  • Read Romans 1:21-32. How does the Bible describe people’s attitude toward God and behavior toward others?


      • V. 21

      • V. 25

      • V. 28 Do not value true knowledge about God

      • v. 32


      • V. 24. Do filthy and  shameless things with their bodies

      • V. 26-27

      • V. 29

      • V. 30

      • V. 31 No conscience, no kindness or pity, break their promises

  • What did Jesus say is the source of our evil thoughts and actions?

    • Mark 7:21-23

    • Our individual acts of sin reveal and come from our basic sinful nature. How does the Bible describe this sinful nature?

    • Psalm 78:56-57

    • Isaiah 53:6

  • Read about Paul in Romans 7:15-20. How does he describe his struggle with his own sinful nature? (vs 15, 18-19)

    • What does he identify as the cause of his struggle? (vs. 17 and 20)

    • In what ways can you identify with Paul’s struggle?

Please send us your responses to these questions above. We would love to hear what you’ve learned and how this has impacted you…



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