Lets Study Together- He Knows You

We at Kuza want to help you grow closer to the Lord through your personal time in scripture. We hope to lead you as you study the scriptures that is why we’re creating these blogs called “Lets Study Together.” We plan to make it an ongoing thing assuming that we get good responses from you all. After you’re done studying we would love to hear what you’ve learned. Please communicate to us through one of our social media handles or via our email address below.

Memory Verse: Jeremiah 9:23-24

Some people think that God created us, but then abandoned us to take care of ourselves. Some even say there is no God. Some think there is a God, but it is impossible to know him. Others think that a Holy God spends most of his time punishing us for our sins. Still others imagine God as merely a “big” version of the local “little” gods, who is just as ready to curse us as he is ready to bless us. Our greatest need is to know God-as truly as he is! Nothing in life affects us more deeply than what we know and believe about God and our relationship with him.

  • What did God create? Isaiah 45:12

  • As the creator of all mankind, God knows all about your life. List things that God knows about you, according to these verses

  1. 1Chronicles 28:9

  2. Jeremiah 17:10

  3. Psalm 139:1-4

  • According to Psalm 139:7-12: Can we hide our bad behaviors from God and for discussion: what are some of the things do people do in darkness thinking that God does not see them?

  • How did David respond when he realized that God knew him completely according to Psalm 139:23-24?

  • What is your response in God’s complete knowledge of you?

Please send us your responses to these questions above. We would love to hear what you’ve learned and how this has impacted you…



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