Who Surrounds You?

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.Proverbs 27:17

No man can live in this world alone. We all need people to talk to and to share our lives with in order for us to achieve our purpose. This leads us to looking for and finding friends. A friend can either build you up or destroy you, however it all begins with you. One has to purpose to be a good friend to others and one has to choose friends wisely because in most instances, someone turns out to be like the people he or she spends the most time with. A friend’s influence upon us is so great either for the better or for the worse. A good person will sharpen you positively, advices you correctly and is not fearful in standing firm and stating the truth regardless of how you may feel at the moment, such that you turn out to be a better person. Conversely, an evil person will lead you to the lusts and passions of this world not caring about your future. It is easy to fall for wickedness, because the world and its desires are so enticing, but when they pass away, you are left in an awful state.

When I was in my second year in high school, I aligned myself with a group that called itself terror squad. This was a notorious group of students that was always on the wrong. Due to peer pressure and the desire to look cool and feel recognized we always did things that got us into trouble like sneaking out of school, not attending preps or even not wearing the proper school uniform. I was getting punished almost on a daily. This in turn affected my studies cause I couldn’t focus on what mattered. After clearing high school, I did not get the desirable results that I wanted. However, God was gracious enough to me that I managed to join campus. A few years later I got born again and over time I have managed to surround myself with people built each other up. I am in an accountability group where we offer each other godly counsel and general advice regarding different issues of life and it has been very helpful in my progress in life.

In order for you to succeed in life, you must have a friend or friends that provoke you to love and to do good works and you must also do the same. By this you make one another wiser and better. You should however note that this does not mean cutting off completely the toxic friendships that you may be having because you may be the light that leads to transformation of others. What you need to do is to approach any toxic friendship with caution and not engage yourself in any ungodly or wicked activity. But, only do that if you have the strength to stand up against the temptation to do ungodly or wicked activity. Surround yourself with godly people and with time, through application of what you see in them you will be a godly person that fears and honors the LORD. Iron sharpens iron.


Dear God, thank you for being my true friend. Help me to find godly friends and also help me to be a good and true friend. Surround me with people who we can only build each other up. Amen.



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