Unfailing Word of God

For no word from God will ever fail. –Luke 1:37

Whatever the Lord says shall come to pass. You can take that to the bank. His word is truth and all the promises he makes to us he delivers them to us. Scripture tells us that even when we are faithless, he remains faithful for he cannot disown himself. The faithfulness of God gives us great assurance that he is concerned, loves us, and cares for us.

Abraham and Sarah were promised that they would get a son, yet they were past their childbearing age. It seemed impossible even Sarah did not believe it. However, down the line, the Lord did for Sarah what he had promised. Just last year, I had an unsettling medical condition. I sought treatment thrice from different medical facilities, but the issue kept recurring. The last time I went for treatment I was told that I had to undergo an operation. However, that did not happen because God healed me and restored me without even taking medicine. I trusted in the Lord the truth that the Lord desires to give good gifts to his children. I asked him and asked him to give me the gift of healing and he did. I trusted in the promise that God is a Good Father that loves to give good gifts to his children. I was not guaranteed my healing because of trusting in this truth, but nevertheless I trusted in Him. You likewise should trust in promises and trust in God. His word does not fail us. It does not mean that we are guaranteed to get what we desire, but we can trust that God will always give us peace and give us more faith in him.

God will always fulfill his promises. What the Lord requires of you is to trust in him and wait patiently on him. What he promises you might seem not a prayer or hardly possible, but nothing is too difficult for him. His word shall come to pass.


Lord thank you for your word which never fails. Help me to trust in you, have patience and remain faithful to you. Amen.



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