A Letter From God

Dear Child,

You are constantly on the move, surrounded by people and involved in activities. How can I have a word with you? There is truth I want to show you, amazing things I want to share, but you’ll never hear my voice unless you are willing to slow down and listen, to open the Bible and read. For three years, the disciples spent each day alone with my Son, Jesus. He showed them my kingdom through teaching and example. In Him, they saw me, because the fullness of my deity dwelt in Jesus. He is equal to me in every way. And though there was a lot they didn’t understand, later, the Holy Spirit helped them to put the pieces together. Though the disciples were as busy as you are, they kept a disciplined schedule of prayer three times a day (see verse below). They devoted their time to listen to the teachings of my word, and they never gave excuse of not attending church fellowships (see verse below). They were totally sold out for me.

My dear child, you are wondering why there seems to be less flow of my power in the church today compared to the early church. Can you compare the schedule of the early church and their commitment to me with the current church? I am the same yesterday, today and forever, what I did in the past, I can do it again in your time. I want you to create time for me in your busy schedule. I want to show you great and unsearchable truth you have never known. I want to use you in your nation and beyond your borders. Don’t look for excuse of not spending time with you, instead find every reason why you should pray, study my word, attend fellowships, serve in my kingdom, and obey every word I will tell you. I will use you to bring the revival the world is yearning for.

In conclusion, I will watch over you and no harm will befall you unless it is for my good purpose like I did with my servant Job, Joseph, and even my Son Jesus. With my right hand I will establish you and you shall never be moved. I promise to be with you and bring to completion what I am starting in your life. Remember that you are not working for me but you will be working with me. I love you and hope to meet with you soon in prayer, bible study, fellowship, and while serving.

With Love,


They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teachings and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43. Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. – Acts 2:42-43



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