Finding Ministry in Misery

How do you perceive other people’s challenges in life? Do you see them as lazy, wicked, as people who deserve the pain and nothing good? How about the wicked in our communities, the sick, beggars, poor people, are you a critic of such or do you see opportunities for God’s kingdom to be felt in their lives?

Matthew 25:31-46 speaks of sheep and goats the focus being the second coming of Christ and the nature of his judgment. Jesus identified himself with the hungry, thirsty, strangers, with those without clothes, and the prisoners. How does our world perceive this people? Do we even want them in our churches, some are not in prison but deserve to be there yet come to our churches or are our at home. Many times we would like to be far away from such people.

To Jesus, the challenges that people went through was an opportunity to bring kingdom Realities in the lives of people. To live a life of significance we all have to look at the problems we were created & enabled to solve. The issues people are having in their lives can either be an opportunity to receive a blessing or an opportunity to miss out on a blessing.

I live in a community where young people are heavily engaged in drug and alcohol, ladies are being married while in secondary school, and indiscipline cases are high in secondary schools. I volunteer to work in most of these schools once per week under Kuza to reach out to the young people rather than being among those complaining that young people are lost yet they are doing nothing to reach out to them.

Jesus says in Matthew 25:31-46 that if we see a problem be a solution otherwise were denying him. When we take care of the least of these that are around us then it is like were getting a blessing directly from him. The poor and downtrodden cannot repay us, but Jesus does. In fact he says it is as if were feeding and clothing Him. Are you taking care of the poor & downtrodden?

Ask yourself the following questions to find your purpose and start living a life of significance:

  1. What is happening in my community that I don’t like?

  2. What challenges have I gone through in my life that I can change them into ministry?

  3. What skills do I have that I can use to make this community better?

  4. What time will I commit to this issue I want to address in my community?



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