Walk Out, Walk In

Genesis 50:15- 21

After many years of being away from home, on account of some wretched actions done by some so called brothers, Joseph’s dream is finally being fulfilled. The dreamer is no longer just a dreamer but the prime minister of all Egypt- the then ruling power. This dream was not Joseph’s in essence, but it was the work of God among the children of Israel being fulfilled for after his demise, Israel would now become a slave nation to Egypt till Moses’ days.

So after Jacob died, the brothers of Joseph were scared that he would now turn to them and punish them for their acts long ago in the field when they through him in a pit and finally sold him out to  slavery (at least they thought so). Yes, humanly and logically speaking, Joseph was mad at the time these events were taking place and their is evidence enough to show that his heart had been dealt with by God in those lonely moments as a worker and prisoner in Pharaoh’s land. It is in order to think that he was embittered by what was done to him and he probably had the ‘right’ to say to the brothers, “You do not know what you have made me go through! You have messed my future! I cannot forget your cruelty! My heart is in pain because of you! I did not get to see my dream of becoming my father’s best herdsmen like you, or the village’s hulk or superman like I had dreamed of!” All these are possible thoughts that crossed his mind in the time of darkness before the light of prime minister office broke through the cracks and shone light into his miserable darkness.

On the other hand, there was the God side of the story that was being unfolded day in and day out in his life- God’s fulfillment of the promise to Abraham his friend that his people would go to slavery and the time would come when he would set them free and bring into the land of promise. Jesus said that His Father is always at work; the Psalmist reminds us that he never sleeps nor slumbers he who watches over us! But Joseph did not have the New Testament or the writings of the Psalmist or the book of Romans! He only had faith in the unknown God who was using him in his situation. For God did not wait for things to be easy nor did he make things easy for Joseph for him to know that He exists. He allowed hardship to reign around Joseph and never expected Joseph to opt otherwise because He was doing His work behind the scenes! This idea, being planted in the heart of Joseph by the Spirit of God would become the foundation of Joseph’s steps and rise into leadership. Here God would teach Joseph the most valuable lesson a man under fire on account of other people’s wickedness can and needs to learn; THERE COMES A TIME IN LIFE WHEN WE MUST WALK OUT OF SOMETHINGS AND WALK IN SOMETHINGS!

Yes! Walk Out & Walk In!

Walk out of the bitterness caused by the very people who are supposed to be your defenders and protectors and providers and walk in to the plan that God had in mind when he allowed those people to do whatever it is they did. Walk out of the pain caused by a vile offense against your body by some stranger somewhere under unknown circumstances and walk in to the healing that Christ offers by His Spirit. Walk out of the hopelessness of not going to college or having some papers and walk in to the reality that He has ordained that not all physical success should be pegged on certificates but on the chances and opportunities He offers to all men. Walk out of the mentalities sold to us by the order of the this world in matters of sex and purity, marriage, and single hood and walk in to the God glorifying truths enjoying single hood and loving our spouses in a more God exalting way.

It is a high time we stood on what God has said and fully depend on him in moments easy and rosy and moments rough and tough! God is in not about to do something in your life- He is doing something already. Many people will have their way doing things but you need to only follow what the Lord has set aside for you. Advice and counsel is important yet we now live in the times where the counsel and advice of the Spirit is not rare like the days of old. Hear men out but hear the Lord more! Walk out of the your personal prejudice and pride and walk in the humility, love, forgiveness, grace, mercy and kindness of God in Christ Jesus! Like Joseph had to make up his mind and walk out the pain and bitterness his brothers threw his way, find out by the Spirit of God what it is that has been deep seated within your heart and realize that if there is your side of the story, then definitely, there is a God side of the story as well which good, pleasing and perfect!

Let Us Start Walking!



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