The Christmas Forgotten Factor

It is winter in some places. Snow, snowman and other snowy things are making a big part of people’s lives. For many, family, and much eating characterize the home environment. In Africa, Kenya to be precise, it is “cold” somehow. No winter and no snowman. Those are things we watch on TV or see in movies. Just as it is back in the West, celebratory moods follow you everywhere you go. The streets are lit up with neon lights and a tune or two from a gadget within the lights. The most common phrase around now is ‘Happy Holidays’, regardless what situation faces you. Clearly, this is a time of being happy due to the holidays. Is that okay? Yes. It is ok. It is ok for people to be happy and not stressed out by challenges. At a time like this, when the celebrations are at the peak, no one wants to seem like they are not happy. Even day-to-day interactions must be positive and nothing should come close to sounding too harsh. Why? Because we are now in the happy season. Goats, sheep, and chicken will be on the regular menu for many homes and Churches will be filled with messages of love and hospitality and charity. Many young people are flocking the Malls and shopping centres to get the newest fashion clothes or shoes they have been craving. Again, there is nothing wrong in being and looking smart and trendy. It is all good, but is it all there is about Christmas? In other places, we have the inclusion of Santa Claus. Who is this man? What happens to him after midnight drop off? Where does Santa go? Moreover, what does he do all year? Anyway, these are just points that amuse me.

Overall, many things today characterize the celebrations. On the negative, it is a time of much emotional and sexual anarchy. Many are preparing scandalous events that will orgy filled and morally unbecoming. Many homes will lose their dads and moms to friends and pubs. Others will lose their families because of the indulgences of men and women, in the name of celebrating Christ’s birth. Alcohol sellers will be ready to offset their loans largely. Wines and spirits shacks will be the order of the day. In the big hotels and brothels, business will be booming. Much as these things do happen, in this season, at least from my basic observation, it rises to an unnecessary high. Is this all Christmas is about? What do we seem to have missed out? What is the forgotten factor?

Why Jesus Christ was born

Matthew 1:21– “She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”

1 John 3:5; 8– You know that he appeared in order to take away sins, and in him there is no sin…Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.

Jesus was not born for us to sin. The effect of the birth of the king on that night in the manger was that people would saved from their sin, sin would be taken away and the works of the devil will be destroyed. That is basic theology. Sadly many falsely teach their children that Christ’s birth is a time of sharing with the needy and remembering family members. Nice sounding as it is, it is not what the Lord intended when he was sending his beloved Son to be born. Jesus’ work is way beyond philanthropism and good feelings. He was born to come and engage eternal forces of darkness that seek to draw men and women away from the core of it all. Modern Christmas celebration has become an avenue for people to continue in their sin. Is this the Spirit and heart of the birth of Christ?

When one says they are celebrating Christmas, what do they really mean? What are they saying? Do they mean that they have believed in the Lord Christ, their sin taken away, and their work of the devil in their life is destroyed? Is that what you mean? That is the goal of Christmas (Matthew 1:21; 1 John 3:5; 8). The kind of things this birth was to do is far from what we see today.

After the birth of Christ, scripture tells us that Herod was disturbed together with all of Jerusalem and the High Priests. They feared the reality of the King that was born. Murders of babies happened in large numbers because of this announcement. It was not a laughing moment. It was a time of terror for many. On the other hand, the angels from heaven came down and started worshipping the greatness of the Father in bringing the Son. They sang Hallelujah knowing that this, for them and many who will believe in him eventually, will mean good tidings. What are good tidings? It is good news, the good news of the gospel. They were excited and ecstatic because, finally, the wrath of God will be satisfied and as many as will believe in him would have forgiveness of their sins. That is good news or good tidings. Sadly many don’t celebrate Christmas as Christ being born to give us forgiveness of sins and wipe out the power of the devil. They celebrate sin.

Therefore, tell others that Christmas is truly about. It is about Christ coming to save us from our sins. It is about sin being taken away. Amidst the celebrations, let us remember that Christ was born to do. Celebrate and enjoy the festivities, but not without knowledge. Just as we are not to mourn like those who are without hope, we should also not celebrate as those who are without knowledge. Merry Christmas, Jesus came, Jesus saves, and Jesus takes away your sins, and Jesus destroyed the works of the devil! Hallelujah!



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